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Hi Kevin, how are you. I wanted to take a few minutes to write you a letter of Thanks and also as a testimonial to your great work in my case. I received a ticket for holding a communications device here in Burlington, Ontario as you know in early 2015 and although I agree with the spirit of the law in general I really did not think it was applied properly in my case. I was very upset and wanted to fight it. I called a bunch of well-known companies in your line of work that I thought would fight this for me and none gave me any real advice or spent any time talking to me and pretty much told me I had no chance and left me thinking I should just pay this.

Thankfully I called you and you gave me very sound and reasonable advice and took the time to discuss my options in detail. You set my expectations appropriately and kept me well informed every step of the way. Just this past October you called me to give me the great news that the charges have been withdrawn (again due to your great work) and I would not have this on my driving record nor do I need to pay the fine.

I want to say a very big Thank You to you and this is all due to your great work for the past 18 months. You are knowledgeable, organized and very realistic in setting expectations and most of all you gave me great advice and had the charges withdrawn. I would recommend you highly to anyone who receives a traffic violation as my experience having you represent me in this case was great

Thanks again Kevin and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want me to provide a testimonial or reference.


Hello Kevin,

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and support in fighting my speeding ticket.

I was honestly quite shaken after getting this ticket and very worried about its repercussions on my insurance premiums and driving record. I am so thankful that I consulted with you and retained you as my legal counsel to deal with this matter. Not only were you successful in getting the ticket thrown out and made as if it never happened but you also helped me to avoid dealing with all the stress associated with this ticket and focus on my studies.

Thank you for all your help. I wish you well and I will definitely recommend you to family and friends if they have to deal with traffic tickets.



Hi Kevin,

I wanted to thank you for getting my points dropped and fine reduced on my ticket.
I did not think I had a good chance and I almost didn't even fight the ticket. You convinced me to and the outcome was even better than I had expected.
I will definitely be recommending to anyone who needs your services.
Thanks again.

Hey Kevin,

I am ecstatic about the result you got out of my predicament.  Thank You!!! Getting it down to 2 points, really exceeded my expectations.  I really appreciate you putting my mind at ease from the beginning and I'm happy to be able to put this behind me.

I am a happy customer and will speak your praises.

Hope all is well,

thanks again

Hello Kevin

I did a little bit of shopping around for a paralegal before contacting Kevin regarding a matter that would have had very serious consequences for me if it was not handled in a professional manner. Of the paralegals I spoke with, all were offering a flat rate fee, but Kevin had a confident demeanor, and his fee was just half of the other paralegals I spoke with. His description of the process and the outcome was mapped out and did produce precisely his predictions - and through the whole process I was left with confidence that the matter was being handled by a competent professional. My stress level was literally zero after retaining Kevin from Any Traffic Tickets.

Here's hoping I don't need another paralegal again very soon, but if I do - I won't hesitate to call on Kevin.

Thanks again


Hello Kevin

Thank you for this Kevin, we are pleased with the outcome.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service!

Best regards, David

Hi Kevin,

I got my fine notice in the mail today, and it’s exactly as you described it to me earlier. Thank you for representing me in this matter; your knowledge and coaching helped me get over my anxiousness and fear of the process.

Thank you for approaching the prosecutor early, and helping me arrive at what I feel was the proper decision to accept a lesser charge. I never want to go through this again, but if it does happen, hope to have you as my ally once more.

Sincerely, Bruce

Hello Kevin

Thank you Kevin for all you did for me. I appreciate it so much.

Sincerely Nataliya

Hi Kevin

Kevin thank you again.  I was worried about the outcome of my careless driving charge but from the first time we spoke you helped me understand the process and likely outcomes.

Your confidence was well founded and the outcome was acceptable considering what it would have been if I had not called you.

All the best, 


Hi Kevin

I'd very much like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case.
I couldn't be happier with the outcome!
I would glady recommend your service to anyone in need!

With Much Gratitude,

Hello Kevin

Thank you so much for your excellent professional service

I'll be in touch for any issues in future

Thanks again

Hello Kevin,

I just wanted to thank you for your services, and that you have reduced my penalty!

Thanks again;



Hi Kevin,

We would like to thank you for your professional guidance and approach. From day one, you have provided us with the right information, what to expect and kept us optimistic. We appreciate your timely updates on our case, the progress and even the results. This traffic ticket was a big stress and you were able to help us get it withdrawn, as if it never happened! We are very happy that we sought your services and had a professional person to fight for the traffic ticket. We will not hesitate to refer you to our family and friends for traffic ticket related matters.

Thank you again.
Asher & Aneela

Hello Kevin

I am so thrilled with how you handled my file and my final outcome – avoiding a conviction, and its horrible repercussions. You were worth every penny to hire in this matter and would happily  recommend you to anyone in need of your services.  You delivered my friend -- and I am grateful!”


Hello Kevin

Excellent job Kevin, thank you for looking after this on such a short notice.
Thanks again !


Hello Kevin,

I am just writing to you to say thank you for fighting my ticket and getting my points removed! When I originally got the charge I was devastated and worried.

I called so many traffic ticket fighting agencies that gave me no hope. Every one of them made it seem like I was guilty and just wasting my money. Then I found your site, called you and probably spent 45 mins discussing my problem with you. I got off the phone with actual hope that this would all go away. AND guess what... you did!

Amazing job, you made me confident in your work, gave me detailed statements which clearly stated where my money was going, clarified everything for me and then went to court (Which is scary for someone like me)

Again THANK YOU! I know who to trust and refer anyone who needs the same help.

Happy Monday & cheers

Hello Kevin

Thank u for helping me with my recent traffic matter that happened in Woodstock. If it wasn’t for u I know I would be a lot worse off. So, I’m thankful I consulted w/ u first & retained u as my legal counsel. I have a good slogan for your website. It goes something like: “HAVING TROUBLE WITH TRAFFIC LAW?


Take care, man. Oh by the way, I’m letting my close friends & associates know what a great deed you did for me. So, if they have any traffic related issues they can contact you too.


Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to write you and thank you for helping me with my speeding ticket. You were extremely professional. You had everything done in a very timely manner. I especially appreciate the fact that you kept me updated every step of the way between the time I gave you my ticket to the time you went to court for me. Your hard work paid off I would say that you met and exceeded all expectations. You made the process very easy for me and did it in a very professional and efficient manner. Thank you so much for your representation on my behalf. I would feel confident in recommending your services to anybody. Your legal expertise and help in this matter was greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Obaidullah N

Hi Kevin

The ticket I received came at a very stressful time in my life and I want to thank you for making it easier for me. I found your rate very reasonable and your help very professional. I can’t thank you enough for putting forward the effort and time to have my fine reduced. I appreciate your work. I hope that I never have to use your services again but if I find myself in another situation I will not think twice about calling for your services.

Debbie B

Hello Kevin,

Thank you very much for getting the resolution to the best possible that reflects the commitment, quality, experience and efforts. I am glad I signed up with you and I feel much relieved with the reduced penalty on points.

Suresh A
Good luck and keep helping people.

Hi Kevin,

I think you are a genius. You obviously have quite the skill set to be able to get a ‘deviant’ like me out of the trouble I caused for myself. For that I will be forever grateful.

I appreciate your efficiency – keeping me informed by phone and email and hard copy … Thank you.

You have truly helped me to “keep my insurance affordable”. UWIN, IWIN and my son Mark wins too because he wanted to find THE best person to represent me in this matter and he did!

I enjoyed talking to you on the phone Kevin and Mark and I hope we can meet you in person one day.

We have your business card and will happily inform people about you and your exceptional qualities.

Happy Holidays,
Carole K

Dear Kevin,

I have no reason to offer this review except that Kevin Young deserves it. When my ticket first happened I knew it was my right to challenge it and I had nothing to lose, except his reasonable fee. Not challenging meant a significant fine, increased insurance rates and headaches. Like most of us I had no idea which, amongst the many companies, to choose from. I do now. Kevin was immediately straight forward and very direct about the process and his approach to the system. His aggressiveness might be off-putting to some but believe me, that's what you want. There was no hype or false promise, just direct next steps and a clear prediction of the chances of success or failure. I very quickly let him run with it. I found out later he is not only a paralegal like others in this business, but an accountant as well, which meant he had an attention to detail unlike the others. In my case he determined there was a significant "fatal error" with the way the ticket was issued and that, on balance, it was well worth challenging. He pointed out the various possible twists and turns that this process would bring over the following months and ultimately, he was exactly right in how it would transpire and ultimately conclude. Because of his experience, he was able stick handle around a direct confrontation at a key moment with the Crown and this resulted with the Justice of the Peace throwing out my ticket, saving me huge. This guy knows the system inside out. It was the best money I ever spent.

Richard H in Oakville

Hello Kevin

Thank you Kevin, great advice, your knowledge of the courts and what you do is apparent. You got me off my speeding ticket free and clear and I can’t thank you enough. I will recommend you to anyone that can use your help.

Tony M.

Hello Kevin.

This note is to thank you for your dedicated work towards my case. I was charged with careless driving in the summer and was devastated. I contacted Kevin to which he stepped in and gave me support. With his dedicated work he got my charge completely cleared. I cannot say I could have been any more satisfied with the results. Kevin is very professional in his work and the results were spectacular. I would recommend Kevin to anyone needing the service.

Thank you very much!!!!

Hello, Kevin:

Once again, thank you so much for all your help and hard work in our case, to remove the demerit points and make it even better, reduce the fine. Now we have peace of mind knowing the fear of insurance hike has gone. We probably had that traffic accident due to poor judgement, but we know we made a good decision by the first time contacting you. You always have patient to listen to your clients, even into details of the case on the first consultation call, and you always keep your promise and will never let anyone down. If any of our friends seeking assistance about traffic tickets, we would advise them to contact Kevin; he is the person that they can trust.

Thanks a lot!
Best Regards!
Qing X

Hello Kevin

Any traffic tickets exceeded expectations and helped me out when I thought there was no hope left.


Hi Kevin

Can I just say a big thank you to your for your time, diligence and patience in bringing this matter to a great conclusion which culminated in the case being withdrawn. It was a real pleasure to meet you and should I, or anyone I know find myself in a similar situation then you will be the first person that gets a call. Thanks again for your superb service Kevin. It has been

hugely appreciated.
Jeremy R

Dear Kevin,

We just wanted to write to thank you again for getting our daughter Rachel's accident ticket completely withdrawn in court. We spoke to several other paralegals before we hired you, and we are so glad we chose you. We appreciated all the time you took to answer all of our questions, the way you prepared our daughter for court, and your overall professional manner and obvious expertise. We were of course thrilled with the outcome, and while we hope not to ever need you again, we would definitely highly recommend your services!

Best regards,
Paul and Elissa

Hello Kevin

I had a wonderful experience with Kevin during my trial on Aug. 19, 2013. I got a police ticket with the 3 demerit's point on it, so I said to myself even if impossible I will plead not guilty. Kevin is such a honest, wonderful, intelligent agent, I didn't have to stand in front of the judge to depend myself, I just had to listen and Kevin nailed the police with just a simple question. My case got dismissed, no point, no police record and I'm so grateful with Kevin as my agent. Thanks a million Kevin.

Cecilia E

Hello Kevin

Thank you very much for taking care of the careless driving charge I had received and having it reduced to a minor offence that has had no effect on my insurance. This charge occurred just before I was going on holidays to Florida and I had no time to deal with it and was just going to pay the fine. I’m so glad I called Kevin from Any Traffic Tickets as he took the stress out of the situation and allowed me to go on my holidays trusting him to handle this for me. Kevin did everything he said he was going to do for a very reasonable price and allowed me to enjoy my holidays. Once again thank you very much for a job well done and I would highly recommend to anyone who receives a traffic ticket to call Any Traffic Tickets.

Bill K

Hi Kevin

Thanks so much for your work on my behalf in getting the ticket reduced and more importantly my demerit points dropped down. It will really save me some money on my insurance at next renewal. Thanks also for having such reasonable rates for the job. Most of the other places I had checked both here in town and in Toronto were substantially higher. Thanks for your discretion and professionalism in the matter.

Thanks Again

Hello Kevin,

Thanks again for your last call, it was Fantastic News!!!

Kevin, I am thankful for all your efforts in having my careless drive reduced to a minor conviction and my speeding ticket withdrawn. I know it was not an easy task as my driving record was not helping.

That was Fantastic News and a huge Relief!!!

I will recommend your services to anyone without hesitation.

Thank you again.
Delphine S.

Greetings Kevin:

This is just a note to let you know how extremely satisfied I was with how you handled my "issue". You were extremely professional, highly effective (as evidenced by the result you obtained) and also very effective in communicating with me. I felt at all times that I was in great hands.

I would highly recommend you to anyone needing your services.

With gratitude.
John B

Hi Kevin

Thanks again

I hired Kevin after I felt like I had no case or relevant evidence to bring forth to court to win my speeding ticket. I had missed the first trial date and I felt positive that I would have been found guilty on the second court date. A week before my court date I met with Kevin and discussed realistic expectations and outcomes. I was satisfied with the outcome of a reduction of demerit points and a reduction in the fine of the ticket.

Thanks Kevin for all your hard work and last minute arrangements!

Krystal M

Hello Kevin

I am a customer of Any Traffic Tickets and would like to take this opportunity to offer my appreciation and over all experience of the services I received. Kevin Young was able to fully withdraw my traffic tickets and offered exceptional support and service. Thanks to Kevin's professional, knowledgeable service which saved me a great deal of stress and money. In closing, I would like to say that I will continue to be a dedicated customer and would not hesitate to recommend Kevin's services to anyone dealing with traffic issues

Thanks for your time!

Robert A


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