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There are a couple of basic reasons why people fight their tickets:

“If I lose my licence I will lose my job”

Some people fight their tickets simply because they need their licence in order to earn a living. If too many demerit points are accumulated this can result in loss of their licence, their job, or lost opportunity for advancement.

“I just can’t afford an increase in my insurance”

Another reason some people fight their tickets is because of the current and cumulative costs of the ticket. The current costs of the set fine and total payable on the ticket will actually be the smaller amount in the long term for the ticket. The more expensive part of your ticket are the future costs which will be your insurance hikes resulting from a conviction from your ticket. This amount is variable and can be as little as hundreds of dollars per year or as high as thousands of dollars per year depending on your ticket and your insurance policy. Either way it is worth an investment of your time to come in for a free consultation and to get honest and realistic advice.

“I didn’t do what the officer accused me of”

Another common reason people fight their tickets is because they don’t believe they are guilty of the alleged charge. Once the ticket has been issued, offence notice or summons, and you want to do something about it your only option is to fight the ticket. Knowing the court system and its procedures increases your chances of success dramatically. Looking at all of the facts of the incident, the wording of the charge, and what case law has to say in a similar situation is what it takes to put together a winning case. We have seen too many people try it on their own and end up being convicted and still miss a day or two of work.

Don’t let a ticket ruin your good driving record for 3 to 6 years. Come in for a free consultation and find out what your options are.

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Do not forget that you only have 15 days to respond to the traffic ticket.

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