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Any Traffic Tickets is a paralegal firm that specializes in traffic ticket defense and fight traffic tickets throughout Ontario. Any Traffic Tickets focus is always on providing effective and affordable court representation.

Receiving a traffic ticket can be an intimidating occurrence and the temptation to just pay the traffic ticket is very common with most people. The problem with paying the traffic ticket is that you are admitting your guilt to the accused offence and giving up your constitutional rights to fight the traffic ticket. Once you are found guilty of your traffic ticket there are current and future consequences.

At Any Traffic Tickets all you need to do is make an appointment for a free consultation and A.T.T. will take the stress out of the situation and give you realistic advice. Any Traffic Tickets also offers evening and weekend appointments available for you to have an experienced paralegal discuss your traffic ticket and let you know what your options are.

Most traffic tickets that Any Traffic Tickets fight will not require your attendance at court. After you leave the office A.T.T. will take care of filing your court paperwork and planning your legal defence so that you can leave your worries behind. Any Traffic Tickets has a very high rate of success and can usually eliminate or have your ticket significantly reduced.

the following courts:

Cambridge ● Kitchener ● Guelph ●

Woodstock (Oxford County) ● Stratford

Brantford ● Burlington ● Milton ●

Goderich ● Owen Sound ● Walkerton ●

Do not forget that you only have 15 days to respond to the traffic ticket.

A.T.T. also does reopenings


Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

By appointment only.

Direct line - 519 222-8009

Email - anytraffictickets@gmail.com


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Some examples of traffic violations that Any Traffic Tickets defends:

(Summons or offence notices)

Careless driving ● Drive motor vehicle with no insurance ● Speeding ● Driving motor vehicle while driver’s license suspended ● No seatbelt ● Disobey stop sign ● Improper turns ● Disobey lane light ● Red light fail to stop ● Racing ● Stunt driving

For more information on one of the Highway Traffic Act’s more serious offences of careless driving please visit: sites.google.com/site/carelessdrivingticketcambridge

Disclaimer – Information provided on this website is not legal advice. Please contact Any Traffic Tickets  and after review of your individual situation legal advice can then be given out.

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